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The unseen costs of financial stress in the workforce

Market Report

Finances are a common source of stress for many Americans—but do employers truly know how much this stress impacts the health and wellbeing of employees, as well as their company’s bottom line?

2021 Roadmap to a Transforming Workforce


The past year brought completely unexpected challenges to business in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. A presidential election, economic uncertainty, and a drop in employment gains intensified the landscape.

Pack Health

Customer Profile

Pack Health is a digital health company that’s helping solve chronic disease management. Its digital health coaching platform contains pathways for more than 25 chronic conditions, to help people live happier, healthier lives.

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A Hidden Threat: The Downstream Impact of Outdated Employee Benefits

How industry executives and HR leaders can create a competitive benefits package that improves employee wellbeing and their bottom line While CEOs, CFOs, HR professionals, and other…

Views: Employees and employers disagree about financial wellness

The biggest gap revealed by our data was how employers and employees rated the perceived financial wellness of employees. The majority of employers (87%) rated…

Mastering driver recruitment requires superior technology and a holistic approach

Excerpt from a freightwaves.com article. Read more from the original article below. Since its job-board beginnings, FATj has evolved its approach to talent acquisition and…

Press releases

Immediate announces signed Memorandum of Understanding with The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation

Birmingham, AL – August 05, 2021 – Immediate, a financial wellness company, today announced a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with The California Department of…

Immediate Announces Partnership with APS

Provides earned wage access to employees across multiple industries BIRMINGHAM, Ala., June 29, 2021  – Immediate, a financial wellness company, today announced a strategic partnership with…

Immediate Announces New Partnership with The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama

Partnership Provides Earned Wage Access for Workers in 9-County Region BIRMINGHAM, Ala., June 9 2021  – Immediate, a financial wellness company, today announced a new strategic…

Our blog

Driving Employee Engagement Without A Budget

Many organizations struggle to engage their employees and create an environment where everyone feels valued. There may not be a budget for extravagant team-building activities,…

Top 6 Misconceptions About Earned Wage Access: Three Industry Experts Weigh In

Companies across the country are recognizing the value of adding earned wage access (EWA) to their employee benefits packages. Organizations that have implemented the offering…

Driving Recruitment and Retention: How earned wage access is moving the transportation industry forward

For trucking companies aiming to attract and retain drivers, EWA can be the difference between success and failure Recruiting and retaining drivers has always been…

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