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The unseen costs of financial stress in the workforce

Market Report

Finances are a common source of stress for many Americans—but do employers truly know how much this stress impacts the health and wellbeing of employees, as well as their company’s bottom line?

2021 Roadmap to a Transforming Workforce


The past year brought completely unexpected challenges to business in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. A presidential election, economic uncertainty, and a drop in employment gains intensified the landscape.

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Lindsey Seal Named One of AMD Creative’s Women Making Waves

Lindsey Seal, Immediate VP of Partnerships, was named one of 10 recipients of AMD Creative’s 3rd Annual Women Making Waves. Featuring Birmingham women who work…

A Hidden Threat: The Downstream Impact of Outdated Employee Benefits

How industry executives and HR leaders can create a competitive benefits package that improves employee wellbeing and their bottom line While CEOs, CFOs, HR professionals, and other…

Views: Employees and employers disagree about financial wellness

The biggest gap revealed by our data was how employers and employees rated the perceived financial wellness of employees. The majority of employers (87%) rated…

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ImmediatePay + Delaget
FeaturedImmediate Announces Marketplace Partnership with Delaget

Birmingham, AL – February 7, 2023 – Immediate, a financial wellness company, today announces a marketplace partnership with Delaget as a Gold Level Marketplace partner. Delaget is a SaaS company that provides data, insight, and analytics to restaurant operators enabling them to run a more operationally efficient business.

Milo's Hamburgers + Immediate
FeaturedImmediate Introduces Milo’s as the Newest Addition to their Valued Customer Base

Birmingham, AL – February 2, 2023 – Immediate, a financial wellness company, today announced new business with Milo’s Hamburgers, a restaurant chain with 23 (soon to be 24) locations, as their preferred earned wage access (EWA) provider. Milo’s is a fast-food burger shop founded in 1946 with deep roots in the city Immediate also calls home, Birmingham.

Michael Orme Named Top 25 Financial Technology COOs of 2022

Birmingham, Ala. – August 22, 2022 – Financial wellness fintech company Immediate announces Michael Orme, Chief Operating Officer, being recognized at one of the Top 25 Financial Technology COOs of 2022 by The Financial Technology Report.

Immediate Insights

How Immediate Works for Employers & Employees | ImmediatePay

If you’ve ever wondered how Immediate works for both employers and employees, we’re spelling it out for you in today’s blog. Give it a read!

A chat with Traci Follman | ImmediatePay Customer

We’re talking all things payroll, time management, and of course Immediate over on the blog today with the lovely Accounting & Payroll Manager (and Immediate customer), Traci Follman! Give it a read to learn a thing or two!

What is earned wage access | ImmediatePay

As a high school student, I never thought that I would be able to help Americans across the country gain financial freedom. Before my time at Immediate, I had never heard of Earned Wage Access, or Immediate. However, I was aware of the large percentage of Americans that live paycheck to paycheck. I found out about the company from a neighbor who knew that I was looking for an internship that would provide me with real world experience and job skills.

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