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Tips for a Digital Restaurant World: Introducing ImmediateTips

84% of restaurant payments were digital in 2022. With restaurants offering more digital tipping opportunities, does your team have an easy solution to access the tips they earn?

Keeping good talent is hard in the hospitality and service industries. Prompt, digital access to hard-earned tips is now a dealbreaker for employees.

See how Immediate simplifies tip access and improves security with a digital tip solution.

Seamless Integration for Efficient Digital Tip Distribution:

Gone are the days of manual calculations, refilling the till drawer, and paper trails; with Immediate Tips, the entire process is integrated and digitized for efficiency and convenience.

Immediate Tips, a feature of the ImmediatePay app, integrates seamlessly with POS systems like Toast, Clover, Revel, NCR Aloha, Micros, ParTech Brink, POSItouch and other sources for tip data. 

The Benefits of Going Cashless:

In today’s increasingly digital world, handling cash poses various challenges, from security concerns to operational burdens for employers. Transitioning to a digital tip payout system, helps you enhance the safety and security of your staff and reduce administrative overhead associated with managing physical currency. 

Not to mention, your staff is no longer waiting on your management team to bring back cash to access their hard-earned tips. 

Empowering Employees with Seamless Access:

No more coming back to work to pick up cash. Instead, employees can enjoy the flexibility of accessing their tips whenever they need them, empowering them to better manage their finances.

Through the self-service ImmediatePay app, employees can easily access their earned tips on their phone with just a few taps.

Driving Guest Satisfaction and Repeat Business:

Employee satisfaction and retention is key to maintaining quality guest experience and repeat customers- the key measure of success in the restaurant business. Offering innovative solutions like Immediate Tips makes a significant difference. By demonstrating a commitment to staff and embracing modern technology, you can create a more positive work environment and foster greater loyalty among your team.

Are you ready to provide your team with a cashless tipping solution? Book a call with us to learn more about the path to a more efficient and employee-friendly tipping process.