Employee access to earned pay

Empower your employees with ImmediatePay, which offers responsible on-demand pay between paydays to ensure financial flexibility, security, and ultimately – a more engaged workforce.

Unlock Financial Freedom for Your Team

9 in 10 employees report that financial stress impacts their work performance.

Companies offering ImmediatePay have seen up to a 40% reduction in turnover.

75% of the workforce say earned wage access would influence their acceptance of a job offer.

An automated system designed to run itself

Employees clock out as usual and HR software updates with hours worked. Immediate automatically verifies hours and posts available earnings in the ImmediatePay app for employees to see. Transfers are delivered to their preferred bank account or debit card. We’re reimbursed via payroll each pay period, so there’s no need to worry about repayment.

Recruit, Retain & Elevate your Workforce with ImmediatePay

Experience the flexibility to implement guardrails and empower your team with our debt-free solution. Witness a happier, more resilient workforce with a brighter financial future.

Proudly delivering pay access nationwide


“As an employee benefit that is of no cost to the employer, the most commonly used benefit by staff, and is completely hassle-free, I can’t figure out why every business is not partnering with Immediate already!”

Mallory I., HR & Scheduling Manager


“Our focus is on creating positive health decisions and we understand the negative impact financial stress can have. Offering ImmediatePay provides a financial safety net in the event unforeseen expenses arise.”

Mazi R., CEO


“You can never make an assumption about someone’s financial status. It would be a mistake not to offer Immediate to help your staff. Immediate makes our employees’ lives easier; it is a true retention tool.”

Lisa B., HR Manager