Dial Senior Living Helps Employees Meet Needs with ImmediatePay

Dial Senior Living Helps Employees Meet Needs with ImmediatePay
The success story of ImmediatePay at Dial Senior Living is not just a story of numbers; it's a story of improved lives and a thriving workplace culture.

Dial Senior Living is a premier senior living provider in the Midwest serving over 2K team members. By providing employees with access to their earned pay when they need it most, Dial Senior Living has demonstrated its commitment to the well-being of its staff. In doing so, they have set an example for other companies looking to enhance employee benefits and create a more engaged and loyal workforce.

By the Numbers

Thanks to ImmediatePay, Dial Senior Living employees no longer have to worry about unexpected expenses that cause them to miss work or the added stress of waiting for a paycheck to cover their necessities. This increased reliability benefits both the employees and the residents who rely on their dedicated care.

Immediate is trusted by leading companies to help recruit & retain talent with ImmediatePay, a financial wellness benefit that allows employees to access their pay between paydays. Book a call today to learn more!

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