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Meet the free benefit your team will actually use

Improve loyalty by supporting your employees during difficult financial times at no cost to your company

Unlock the power of responsible earned wage access

Immediate is a financial wellness company delivering responsible earned wage access to employees at no cost to the employer. By leveraging your existing systems, the connection experience with time tracking and payroll systems are surprisingly hassle-free.

Responsible access

Offer your team responsible access to earned pay for unexpected expenses.

Reduce turnover

Companies that offer Immediate have experienced up to 40% reduction in turnover

Offer for free

From implementation to launch, and beyond – Immediate is completely free to offer

Offer free financial wellness tools with Rise by Immediate

Rise provides ImmediatePay users with an in-app marketplace that offers a suite of financial wellness tools and benefits designed to encourage users on their financial journey.


Responsible on-demand pay

When offered correctly, EWA can be a powerful tool for both businesses and employees alike (especially during such difficult economic times). It allows employees to access earned wages before payday without incurring debt that can have a detrimental effect on their financial well-being. With responsible features such as guardrails, flexible options to choose where pay is delivered, and a simple user interface, offering Immediate to your team is a no-brainer. Oh, and did we mention it is completely free for companies to offer?

An automated system designed to run itself

Employees clock out as usual and HR software updates with hours worked. Immediate automatically verifies hours and posts available earnings in the ImmediatePay app for employees to see. Transfers are delivered to their preferred bank account or debit card. We’re reimbursed via payroll each pay period, so there’s no need to worry about repayment.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions from owners, operations and HR teams about offering Immediate.

Immediate is a financial wellness company offering ImmediatePay, an employee benefit that allows employees to access their pay in between paydays.

Your employees will receive an invitation email with a unique code to enroll in the ImmediatePay app.

No. The only funds accessible are wages already earned. Due to our HR software integrations, we confirm hours worked and wages earned, therefore Immediate is not a loan, nor does it offer credit or have a payback period. In some cases, a small fee is applied to access earned wages, similar to an ATM convenience fee.

Immediate is free to employers and works in coordination with your current HR workflow, so there is no need for any process change.

Immediate will not change your company’s current payroll process; we work in coordination with your current schedule and workflow.

We do not lock our employers into long-term contracts and can turn off access to our services with proper notice.

Yes, all personal data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit to ensure data privacy.

No. Immediate provides a series of training materials, including online and print tutorials, to ensure your employees fully understand how to download, activate, and utilize ImmediatePay.

Immediate Team Members

About Immediate

Immediate helps businesses recruit and retain talent with ImmediatePay, a financial wellness benefit that allows employees to access their pay in between paydays.


Delivering responsible on-demand pay across the nation


“As an employee benefit that is of no cost to the employer, the most commonly used benefit by staff, and is completely hassle-free, I can’t figure out why every business is not partnering with Immediate already!”

Mallory I., HR & Scheduling Manager


“Our focus is on creating positive health decisions and we understand the negative impact financial stress can have. Offering ImmediatePay provides a financial safety net in the event unforeseen expenses arise.”

Mazi R., CEO


“You can never make an assumption about someone’s financial status. It would be a mistake not to offer Immediate to help your staff. Immediate makes our employees’ lives easier; it is a true retention tool.”

Lisa B., HR Manager