Simplify Off-Cycle Payments for Your Team

Immediate allows you to effortlessly push payments to your team off-cycle, providing the flexibility to pay your employees when you need to, without the complexity of traditional off-cycle payroll processes.

Move money

Get more flexibility for when and how you pay team members with Immediate. With access to employee information via payroll integration, you’re able to rapidly push funds through our portal to the preferred payment method of your team member.

Seamless integration with your payroll system

Immediate integrates with your existing payroll system, providing easy access to your employee profiles. Add direct deposit information the first time you push a transfer to the employee. The system will auto-reconcile the payment with the next standard check date.

Ready to Simplify Your Off-Cycle Payments?

Offer flexible payment options for your team with a simplified off-cycle payment process and quick access to employee profiles for payment management today!

Proudly delivering pay access nationwide


“As an employee benefit that is of no cost to the employer, the most commonly used benefit by staff, and is completely hassle-free, I can’t figure out why every business is not partnering with Immediate already!”

Mallory I., HR & Scheduling Manager


“Our focus is on creating positive health decisions and we understand the negative impact financial stress can have. Offering ImmediatePay provides a financial safety net in the event unforeseen expenses arise.”

Mazi R., CEO


“You can never make an assumption about someone’s financial status. It would be a mistake not to offer Immediate to help your staff. Immediate makes our employees’ lives easier; it is a true retention tool.”

Lisa B., HR Manager