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FeaturedWhat is the risk of employee pay advances? | ImmediatePay

While employee pay advances can be beneficial for both employees and employers, there are important risks that should be considered before agreeing to one. Read on for our top four risks.

FeaturedFour ways to show employee appreciation | ImmediatePay

When it comes to employee retention, culture goes a long way. If you want to create a workplace culture where employees feel valued, consider these four tips to get started!

Jason Gwizdala
High earners now living paycheck-to-paycheck | ImmediatePay

This is a drastic change from just a few years ago when those in the top income bracket were more likely to have savings and live comfortably. What’s led to this shift? And what can be done about it?

No-Risk Profitability Solutions | Oncentive

Vanessa Tyndall of Oncentive highlights how to retain employees and capture tax credits on today’s guest blog. Give it a read!

Grayson Hill Immediate
Inflation and salaries… ouch | ImmediatePay

As if the pandemic and labor shortage weren’t enough to shake the workforce, inflation has impacted us all. Life can’t wait until payday like it used to.

Reinventing Recruitment & Retention | ImmediatePay

From child care to pet perks, EWA, and beyond – Lindsey Seal shares a few creative ways for you to reinvent recruitment and retention efforts.

Emily Tisdale
Summer spending? Let’s keep it cool! | ImmediatePay

Every summer, we feel the pressure to spend more money. Check out Emily’s tips and tricks to enjoying summer without breaking the bank!

Matt Pierce
EWA is for everyone | ImmediatePay

Check out this week’s blog to hear the four most common objectives to offering EWA – when in reality, EWA is FOR everyone.

Making Hard Jobs Easier
Making Hard Jobs Easier with ABC’s Samantha Loy | ImmediatePay

Join us for a chat with the Owner and Agency Director of ABC Burlington, Chapel Hill, and Durham for all things business – and of course, ImmediatePay.

Low or No-Cost HR Tactics and Benefits
Low or No-Cost HR Tactics and Benefits | ImmediatePay

In the competitive job market of today, recruiting can be a difficult process. It is hard to recruit the right candidate. Read on to learn some free HR tactics that can help.