With the ongoing changes in workforce dynamics and the need to meet ever-tightening deadlines, human resources recruiters are constantly searching for better ways to hire high-quality candidates quickly. Rarely do they find a benefit that not only helps with recruitment but also improves the quality of life for them personally.

We spoke with Jeanie Seacrest, HR Recruiter for Always Best Care Senior Services in Burlington, North Carolina. She shared her experience with ImmediatePay and why she has become such an advocate of the benefit. Read on to learn about what Jeannie loves about ImmediatePay and why it might be the perfect fit for your organization’s needs!

Tell us your favorite thing about your job.

I enjoy teaching orientation, meeting new people, putting them to work, and helping the elderly out!

When you first heard about Immediate, what did you think?

I thought it was brilliant! It really helps out. I’m the first person that tells employees about ImmediatePay and I even use it myself. So I know the ins and outs of it and it’s one of the best benefits that we offer here.

One of the best benefits you offer? What makes you say that?

I don’t know day-to-day what might come up. Maybe I need to go check on my mom who lives an hour away from where I live. We all know gas prices are going up. Food is going up. I tell people all the time I have ImmediatePay and it’s the best security blanket that I have.

It’s fast and it’s very quick. I hit two buttons and I’m done. My money is in the bank. I don’t have to constantly worry. I don’t have to pay to have to wait 30 minutes or worry if it’s going to be there. It’s there. I can pay the bill I need to and I can move on to the next thing. I am very blessed to have ImmediatePay. Not all companies offer it, but I’m glad that mine does!

When is a time you used Immediate which comes to mind?

I use it often. I would say when I forget about my water bill. We get paid biweekly, but what I like to do is the weeks that we don’t get paid, I’ll let it build up until Friday and access my paycheck. I have two teenagers so I’ll say, okay, what are we going to do this weekend? What do we need? Household needs? So I may pull $200 and it helps. And I need it now, not next week whenever I get paid. And again, this is. So we have plans for the weekend and of course, my teenagers are happy and we can go on about our business and not have to stress about money. 

It helps all of our employees. ImmediatePay is on. You don’t have to worry. Is it going to go to this card or this card? And it’s so fast so you don’t have to worry if you’re going to have your money in the bank. I have literally been in the store and I’m like, okay, I thought I was just going to send $20 and here I am with $40. I click a few buttons and it’s already there.

Has Immediate made your job any easier from a recruitment perspective?

Yes! It’s like a green flag to them. I mention ImmediatePay during their interview when they ask me [about our pay cycle]. I say it is bi-weekly. However, we have what you call ImmediatePay. I say if you make $100 on Monday, on Tuesday, you can pull $50 from that $100. It’s a really good thing.

Interested in learning more about offering Immediate? Book a call with us or read our Senior Living Industry Profile to learn about average enrollment rates, retention results, and more.