When it comes to employee retention, culture goes a long way. In fact, studies show that employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stick around. So, if you want to create a workplace culture where employees feel valued, it starts with weaving appreciation into your company’s fabric. Consider these four tips to get started.

1. Get to know your employees on a personal level. 

The best way to appreciate someone is to take an interest in them as a person—not just an employee. Get to know them on a personal level! Not only will this help you appreciate them more as people, but it will also make them feel appreciated as individuals.

Your team members have lives outside of the office. Get to know what makes them tick. “How was your weekend?” or “What’s your favorite thing to eat?” are simple questions that open up a personal conversation. These conversations help you to get to know people and have implications for the tips that follow.

2. Celebrate all wins!

When your employees do something great, let them know! A simple “great job!” can go a long way in making someone feel appreciated. But don’t forget to acknowledge the smaller things, too—like when they help out a colleague or go above and beyond. Consider making it public! Showing acknowledgment in a group email or chat goes a long way in boosting confidence.

3. Show your appreciation in both words and deeds.

Saying “thank you” is always appreciated, but oftentimes, actions speak louder than words. If you really want to show your employees how much you appreciate them, back it up with deeds. This could be anything from offering flexible work hours to providing earned wage access. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something that will benefit your employees.

4. Personalize your appreciation.

Knowing your team members as people helps you understand what would be meaningful to them. Some people may prefer simple verbal acknowledgment while others might prefer something more tangible—like a gift card or handwritten note. Working off of their interests to express appreciation will make employees feel more appreciated.

At the end of the day, genuine appreciation is what counts most—so make sure your actions align with your words! If you want to create a workplace culture where employees feel appreciated, start by weaving appreciation into the fabric of your company culture today. Ready to show your employees appreciation every day by offering earned wage access? Book a call to learn more! 

Written by: Lindsey Seal, VP of Partnerships