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FinTech Atlanta’s fifth “Run it by the Buyers” event focused on a particularly hot topic – Financial Inclusion and Wellness. As befitting such a top-of-mind issue, the session drew an even larger working group than usual to the offices of Atlantic Capital Bank in Buckhead.

Run it by the Buyers events, organized by FinTech Atlanta’s Fund & Innovate workgroup, convene large Georgia-based corporations and early/mid-stage fintech companies around a particular industry theme. The stated intent is to focus on key industry issues, opportunities, and challenges, with the goal of fostering commercial collaboration between large corporations (“Buyers”) and promising young fintech companies building innovative new products, solutions, and services (“Sellers”).

Read more from the Georgia FinTech article: https://georgiafintech.org/taking-on-financial-inclusion-and-wellness/

Matt Pierce, CEO and Founder, Immediate