Introducing Rise by Immediate

Rise provides ImmediatePay users with a refreshed in-app marketplace that offers a suite of financial wellness tools and benefits designed to encourage users on their financial journey.

Free financial wellness tools
for ImmediatePay users

Financial Coaching

For those who have specific questions related to financial support, enrolled users can access real-time financial coaching from our financial experts. Whether it’s questions about saving for an emergency fund or improving a credit score, we’re here to help!


The Financial Health Network FinHealth Score® Toolkit provides tools like our Financial Health Score where employees can assess their spending, savings, borrowing, and planning behaviors to make better decisions on how to improve their financial health.

Prescription Savings

Average costs of prescription drugs cost $1,200 per person per year in the United States. Our prescription savings program that unlocks up to 80% savings on prescription medications at 65K+ pharmacies nationwide. Users can save on big prescriptions for themselves and their family!

Financial Education

ImmediatePay app users unlock access to a library of 60+ financial education articles and calculators to help them make better decisions - no matter the place they find themselves in financially.

Equip your team with free financial wellness tools

Offer Immediate with confidence, knowing you’ve partnered with an EWA provider who is focused on improving the financial journey of both employers and their workforce.

Benefits of offering ImmediatePay

Increase productivity​

82% of employees say they are more engaged at work with ImmediatePay.

Free added benefit

From implementation to launch (and beyond), Immediate is free for companies to offer.


Companies that offer ImmediatePay have seen up to 40% reduction in turnover.

Competitively recruit

75% of the workforce say earned wage access would influence their acceptance of a job offer.


EWA, The Right Way

It’s simple to sign up and enjoy the win-win benefit of ImmediatePay by helping your team avoid expensive payday loans and other risky credit options.

Step 1: Sign contract

Sign on the dotted line and join us for a kick-off call. A dedicated Immediate team member will guide you each step of the way.

Step 2: Get connected

Enjoy a seamless integration process as we are already connected with most major payroll and time-tracking systems.

Step 3: Go live

It’s time to launch the game-changing benefit of ImmediatePay to your employees! We’ll equip you with all the materials needed to ensure success.

Immediate Team Members

About Immediate

Immediate helps businesses recruit and retain talent with ImmediatePay, a financial wellness benefit that allows employees to responsibly access their pay in between paydays.

Happy customers,
great reviews

Learn about Immediate from our customers and start exploring how to offer ImmediatePay today!


“There’s a lot of turnover in the senior care industry, and we were looking for ways to offer key benefits to our healthcare provider staff that they couldn’t find anywhere else.”

Anna B.,

“I am most definitely more engaged at work without having to worry about those small bills that need to be paid BEFORE payday. In all reality having the funds at the right time is everything.”

Chelsea L.,
ImmediatePay user