A better way to offer on-demand pay

If your ADP clients are looking for ways to help retain and engage their employees, you can feel confident introducing Immediate, a free financial wellness benefit offering responsible EWA.


The only partner with custom guardrails

Immediate is the only EWA solution that allows ADP clients to customize the number of transactions that their employees can access in a given pay period. Immediate’s unparalleled EWA solution is perfectly suited for clients looking to offer responsible on-demand pay. 

Responsible guardrails

Clients can tailor guardrails to their liking. As a starting point, we recommend:

Access up to $250 per transaction

Access up to 4 transfers per pay period

Up to 50% of earned pay per pay period

Free transfer options or flat $3 access fee

Quick implementations for clients of all sizes

Thanks to our existing connections with ADP WFN, WFN NextGen, and Run, implementations are quick and easy (sometimes as quickly as 24 hours)!

Connect with Immediate

Whether you’re interested in roll call details or checking out a demo prior to referring Immediate to your clients, we’re happy to connect! Fill out a few quick details and we’ll get back to you shortly.