Pack Health, a Birmingham, AL-based digital health coaching company, has become the first healthcare technology company to begin offering ImmediatePay.

Pack Health Partners with Immediate to Provide On-Demand Pay and Financial Wellness for Their Employees

Birmingham, Al., April 8, 2020 – Pack Health is helping solve chronic disease management through a digital health coaching platform that helps those with more than 25 chronic conditions live happier, healthier lives. With over 17,000 users and members in all 50 states, Pack Health’s remote, one-on-one, digital health coaching services are supported by their team of nearly 100 Birmingham-based employees.

Immediate, also headquartered in Birmingham, is a high-growth fintech company providing financial wellness and on-demand pay benefits to employees throughout the US.

The two companies have joined forces to provide Pack Health employees with access to ImmediatePay, an app-based financial platform that allows users to request earned wages in real-time prior to the next payday.

Pack Health CEO, Mazi Rasulnia said, “We are committed to ensuring our team has access to employee benefits that add value to their lives. Our focus is on creating positive health decisions and we understand the negative impact financial stress can have. Offering ImmediatePay provides a financial safety net in the event unforeseen expenses arise.”

Once an employee has downloaded the ImmediatePay app, through time tracking and payroll integrations, their available funds are displayed immediately. They will then have the ability to transfer earned wages to their bank account or debit card multiple times per pay period. This encourages healthy habits and reduces the need for credit cards, payday advances, and loans.

“With many Americans now using a smartphone for banking, Immediate is proud to partner with Pack Health to provide their employees this new capability,” said Matt Pierce, Founder, and CEO, Immediate. “We expect this impactful platform to help reduce the need for third-party lending options while improving financial wellbeing for all Pack Health employees.”

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Matt Pierce, CEO and Founder, Immediate