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Empowering the workforce with responsible earned wage access

Don’t let financial stress impact productivity at work. With Immediate, employees can access the wages they have earned quickly and easily when the unexpected happens in between paychecks. The best part? It doesn’t cost companies a thing to offer Immediate.

Increase productivity

82% of employees say they are more engaged at work with Immediate.

Reduce turnover

Companies that offer Immediate have seen up to 40% reduction in turnover.

ImmediatePay - the app that gives you access to your earned pay when it matters most

It’s free to offer

From implementation to launch (and beyond) is free for companies to offer.

Offering Immediate requires no changes to existing systems

Employees clock out as usual and HR software is updated with hours worked. Immediate automatically verifies hours and posts available earnings in the app for employees to see.

Transfers are delivered to their preferred bank account and we’re reimbursed via payroll each pay period, so there’s no need to worry about repayment.

“It would be a mistake to not offer this service to help your staff. Immediate makes our employees’ lives easier.”

Lisa, HR Director

“I’ve already seen employees decide to come on board right away because access to Immediate was so appealing.”

Anna, Director of Payroll

ADP ImmediatePay

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