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Since its job-board beginnings, FATj has evolved its approach to talent acquisition and management by developing the sophisticated technology ecosystem required to keep pace with the digital recruitment market’s fragmentation. Its platform ⁠— Recruit 360 ⁠— contains four pillars: active and dynamic campaign management; direct recruitment services; custom technology services; and financial wellness and employee retention. 

While FATj serves carriers of all sizes, it’s the larger carriers that are seeing the highest rates of trucker retention from its services ⁠ ⁠— those same companies that statistically suffer from the most turnover. 

Bruno Stanziale, CEO & Chairman of the Board at FusionRL, attributes that success partly to the financial wellness program, which allows drivers immediate access to their earned wages less for than an ATM fee. When an employee requests access to earned wages, the ImmediatePay app funds their account, and their next paycheck reflects the deduction. It costs the trucking company nothing to operationalize and implement, and FATj can even bundle this benefit into a job ad to entice prospective drivers. After all, 78% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck, according to a 2017 CareerBuilder survey

“The financial wellness benefit provides a large trucking company the softer feel of a small to midsize company, which is what truckers really like to see,” said Stanziale. “It also displaces all those predatory payday loans and high-interest rate credit card debt and helps the cash flow discrepancies that are stressful for any family between pay periods. It’s a tremendous benefit for transportation companies to go out there and differentiate themselves when they’re looking for drivers in a tight market.”

“We are considering the earned wage access program, because I think that will help us not just retain drivers, but also staff,” said Hector Sanchez, marketing executive at Mesilla Valley Transportation. “They’re helping us build a job board and integrate it with our CRM. They have gained our trust because they’re very transparent with everything.” 

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