Leading healthcare services provider taps Immediate to improve employee financial wellness, loyalty, and retention

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Nov. 04, 2020 – Immediate, a financial wellness company, today announced it was selected by Providence Healthcare Management (HCM) to improve the financial wellness of its employees. A leading consulting group that provides staffing and support services to senior living and skilled nursing communities, Providence HCM is using earned wage access from Immediate to increase employee loyalty and retention.

“There’s a lot of turnover in the senior care industry, and we were looking for ways to offer key benefits to our healthcare provider staff that they couldn’t find anywhere else,” said Providence HCM’s Director of Payroll Services Anna Bell-Kimbrough. “I’ve already seen employees decide to come on board right away, because access to Immediate was so appealing.”

Providence HCM supports 15 assisted living and skilled nursing communities across Ohio. With 1,300 employees including nurses, personal care specialists, and other healthcare providers, the company is dedicated to ensuring residents receive the highest quality of care. “We don’t want our team, whether they’re hourly or salaried, to worry about their finances or unexpected expenses when they’re at work,” continued Bell-Kimbrough. “Providing Immediate’s earned wage access solution to our employees helps alleviate financial stress and makes them feel secure; they’re able to focus 100% on residents. That’s critical for us as a healthcare provider organization.”

Providence HCM currently has 20% of their total workforce enrolled with Immediate. Users average two transactions per pay period, with an average withdrawal amount of $128. In September, Immediate announced a new integration with Visa Direct that enables expedited access to requested funds on eligible Visa debit cards. “Since the Visa Direct deposit-to-card option became available, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our employees,” added Bell-Kimbrough. “Over time, we expect that more than 60% of our team will link a qualified debit card in the ImmediatePay app and make use of the integration. This is a significant value-add to our retention and recruitment efforts.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with this forward-looking company that’s truly dedicated to care quality and employee wellness,” said Matt Pierce, Immediate founder and CEO. “Our executive team has roots in the healthcare industry. We built the concept of our services around optimizing the financial wellness of healthcare workers on the front lines of care, so these essential employees can do their best work. We’re proud to be partnering with Providence HCM to help their team deliver the highest quality care.”


About Providence Healthcare Management

Providence Healthcare Management is a healthcare consulting group that provides support services to senior living communities. With locations across Ohio, Providence HCM offers staffing and operational support that helps assisted living, skilled nursing, and other communities thrive and scale their occupancy. Learn more at providencehcm.com.