Birmingham, Ala. – March 21, 2022 National Minority Health Association announced today a partnership with Immediate, a financial wellness and earned wage access (EWA) leader. Studies show the link between financial stress and heart disease. Providing access to earned but unpaid wages is one way to help reduce stress related to finances. Through this strategic partnership, Immediate has trained NMHA team members to now offer EWA and additional financial wellness benefits to their network of over 20,000 home health agencies.  

“A number of forces are at work, said Burgess Harrison, NMHA Executive Director. “Financial stress is killing people.  The healthcare industry faces recruitment challenges.  EWA can help with both issues. With the work we’re doing to minimize disparities in healthcare, working with home health providers is increasingly crucial. We want to provide healthcare workers with every advantage possible, and that includes prioritizing their personal financial wellness and reducing stress by partnering with Immediate.”   

Many of the essential jobs—such as home health aides, assisted living facility workers, fast food workers, retail and other service industries—have higher concentrations of minority team members. By working with NMHA to offer their healthcare workers access to on-demand pay, Immediate hopes to assist in recruitment and retention efforts to combat the current worker shortage in the healthcare industry.    

“Earned wage access is offering a revolutionary, more flexible way for employees to receive their pay when they need it most, and we expect EWA to become a valuable asset for companies working to combat the ‘Great Resignation’ and improve recruitment and retention efforts,” said Matt Pierce, Founder and CEO of Immediate. “Research shows racial disparities in not only those affected by predatory pay day lending but also in ability to borrow from credit cards and home equities. Partnering with an organization like National Minority Health Association aligns with our mission and enables us to continue improving the financial well-being of employees.”  

Offering employee benefits like EWA is mission-aligned for NMHA as the leading national health-equity advocacy organization. NMHA offers programs to help underserved minorities better utilize the healthcare system to their advantage.  

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About Immediate:  

Immediate partners with employers to provide their employees with wages that have been earned but not paid, whenever they are needed. With seamless time tracking and payroll integrations, same day and next day bank transfers, and the ability to put earnings directly on a debit card, Immediate is working to improve financial wellness and eliminate cycles of debt for employees by allowing them to access their hard-earned wages. To learn more, visit  

About National Minority Health Association:  

The National Minority Health Association, founded in 1988 by Dr. David L. Dalton, Chairman, and CEO, UNIVEC Conglomerate, Inc. (UNVC), achieved its initial mission of ensuring the establishment of Offices of Minority Health in all 50 states. Today the NMHA is adding to its mission, administering an $11.1M HRSA grant to reduce vaccine hesitancy, and deploying new programs that utilize patient-centered, value-based care, and new ways of enhancing care to patients where they are, lowering costs, and improving outcomes for minority and underserved communities. To find out more, visit

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