Life doesn’t wait two weeks

78% of workers live paycheck to paycheck

Immediate access to earned wages

Immediate opens the door to financial wellness for your employees through elective access to earned pay, with guardrails, insights, and education that promote responsible use

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Our solution

We are improving financial wellness and eliminating cycles of debt by allowing workers access to their hard-earned money on-demand. Earned wage access is essential for getting employees out of crippling cycles of payday loans and credit card debt.

When employees experience financial stress…
what options do they have?


Tailored for your industry

Payroll, time tracking, and workflows are unique to your industry. The Immediate solution is designed to work in industries such as:

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How Immediate works

Work day ends

Worker completes work day and clocks out using normal process


HR software is updated with hours worked, including clock-in and clock-out

App updated

Immediate is notified of hours worked and makes earnings available for transfer

Payment delivery

Immediate sends money via user’s preferred account: bank account or loadable debit card

Split payroll

On the next payday, repayment of accessed earnings are routed using payroll software


Immediate is repaid directly through the payroll process

Immediate features

Payroll integration

Automatically verifies time worked with your payroll system

Easy bank transfers

Transfer up to 50% of your earned paycheck

Pre-paid debit card

You can easily transfer your earnings to a pre-paid debit card

Easy on-boarding

We work with employers to make the connectivity easy

Same day and next day transfers

It’s as easy as clicking Pay Me Now, get your money when you need it

Secure transactions

We encrypt sensitive data that is actively moving between and stored within our system

“Immediate has been a win/win for both us as the employer as well as our employees.  They love the ease of being able to “get paid” for their hours worked if they need the money before pay day, and we were able to eliminate our Payroll Advance Policy completely. It has been a great addition to the benefits we offer during recruiting.”

– Cindy Kellogg with Panama Jack