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We help senior living companies reduce turnover by 40%

It’s no secret the senior living industry is experiencing high turnover, creating a constant state of flux and hassle for HR Directors (and beyond). Our free benefit offers responsible access to earned pay – a proven tool to retain your staff.

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Immediate for your workforce

Responsible access to earned pay

Immediate provides staff with responsible access to their earned pay, so they can get ahead on bills, cover unexpected costs, or simply stop charging and borrowing elsewhere. We work with each company to limit transaction amounts to ensure our benefit is used responsibly.

“There’s a lot of turnover in the senior care industry and we were looking for ways to offer key benefits to our healthcare provider staff that they couldn’t find anywhere else. I’ve already seen employees decide to come on board right away, because access to Immediate was so appealing.” – Anna B., Director of Payroll

Give your team 30 days of free transactions

Give your employees the gift of free transactions for 30 days when you book a discovery call by June 15th!

Immediate Pay Senior Living Benefit