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ImmediatePay is a product of Immediate Solutions, Inc and is a financial health platform delivering early access to earned but not yet paid wages.
Through HR software integrations, ImmediatePay receives real time updates of hours worked and wages earned, which we display within the ImmediatePay app. Users then select how much of their earnings they would like to receive and transfer to an account of their choice.
Once an employer is signed up for ImmediatePay, you will receive a registration email and registration code to use when downloading the app. If your employer does not currently offer ImmediatePay, you can enter their information here (refer my employer) and someone from our team will contact them to discuss.
ImmediatePay is not a loan, nor does it have a payback period. Due to our HR software integrations, we confirm your hours worked and wages earned and simply charge a small fee to access your wages early.
ImmediatePay is free for employers and works in coordination with your current HR workflow, so there is no need for any process change.
No, Immediate Solutions does not issue credit and is not a loan provider. Our solution simply and conveniently provides early access to earned but not yet paid wages.
ImmediatePay will not change your company’s current payroll process; we work in coordination with your current schedule and workflow.
We do not lock our employer partners into long term contracts and can turn off access to our services with proper notice.
All personal data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit to process any transaction.
Immediate Solutions provides a series of training materials, including online and print tutorials, to ensure your employees fully understand how to utilize the ImmediatePay platform.

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