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You may have heard of EWA, but have you heard of EWA, The Right Way? At Immediate, we believe in bridging the gap between paydays in a responsible way.

The current economic climate has left many struggling financially. A majority of the American workforce already lives paycheck to paycheck and current inflation rates are contributing to situations where many people simply can’t cover unexpected expenses in between paydays. 

You may have heard of earned wage access (EWA), an employee benefit that allows workers to access their pay when they need it most, rather than solely according to a schedule determined by their employer (typically every two weeks). Bridging the gap between payday has proven to help people make ends meet – especially when it comes to unexpected expenses and untimely bills. The EWA industry is growing exponentially as a result of this need, but with so many EWA providers out there, which provider is best for you and your team?

At Immediate, we believe in bridging the gap between paydays with EWA by providing financial security to employees in a responsible way. Let’s take a closer look at how Immediate offers EWA, the right way.

Earned wage access made responsible

The financial wellness of employees comes first and foremost. That’s why Immediate encourages responsible access through our guardrails, which is a feature that ensures employees will always have funds remaining in their paycheck on payday. Guardrails allow users to access up to half of their earned wages while also limiting the number of times an employee can transfer funds to their account each pay period. As a result, employees are challenged to be thoughtful about the EWA transactions they initiate in between paydays since their access is not unlimited. 

In addition to guardrails, Immediate charges a flat access fee of $3 to transfer money to a bank account or allows free transactions to an Immediate debit card. There are no additional fees for quicker delivery or surprise fees hidden behind this number. With a flat fee, the guesswork is taken out and there’s a limited amount each pay period employees will pay in fees. 

Earned wage access made flexible

Immediate believes flexibility in accessing your pay is super important to employees. Money is personal, and users like to send the money they’ve earned wherever they want. That’s why employees have the flexibility to send funds to a bank account or debit card of their choice. Unlike some other EWA providers, Immediate does not force users to send money to a debit card. Your pay, your way. 

Flexibility also means having transfer options to waive the $3 access fee, which is why we have options and features that provide fee-free transactions. For example, when employees refer a friend to ImmediatePay, they receive a free transaction. Additionally, through our partnership with Prizeout, users can receive their money on gift cards, where transaction fees are also waived.

Earned wage access made simple

ImmediatePay is the app employees use to access their pay. The app has a super simple interface, and with only a few clicks they can transfer earnings into their bank account within seconds. In fact, some of the most consistent feedback we receive from employees is that our platform is so simple and easy to use! The homescreen simply displays the amount earned, amount available to access, transactions remaining in a pay period, and transaction history. You can book a demo with our team to see just how simple our platform really is! After all, finances are already complicated enough – why make accessing it complicated as well?

EWA, The Right Way

EWA is a brilliant and timely solution that gives workers greater control over their finances by providing a safety net for when times get tough. With EWA as an option, employees can avoid taking out expensive payday loans or other risky credit options which can lead to cycle of debt that so many Americans unfortunately fall prey to.

When offered correctly, EWA can be a powerful tool for both businesses and employees alike (especially during such difficult economic times). It allows employees to access earned wages before payday without incurring debt that can have a detrimental effect on their financial well-being. With responsible features such as guardrails, flexible options to choose where pay is delivered, and a simple user interface, offering Immediate to your team is a no-brainer. Oh, and did we mention it is completely free for companies to offer? Support your employees during these financially trying times without cumbersome implementations or opening the door to additional financial risk for your team.

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