Many organizations struggle to engage their employees and create an environment where everyone feels valued. There may not be a budget for extravagant team-building activities, but there is often time in the day-to-day work schedule for small changes that can have lasting effects on employee engagement.

Collaborate creatively

In today’s world, remote culture has become more of the norm, which means it is important for employers to work on improving social connections among teams to create happier employees. 

The leadership team can play a significant role by encouraging collaboration with colleagues, whether at home or in the office, through shared tasks, events, or celebrations that encourage positive interactions between co-workers.

Lend a listening ear 

Many employers move on new plans, procedures, and programs without engaging their employees first. With a process in place that actively asks for employee feedback, your company’s bottom line is likely to be positively impacted. 

Stop and ask your employees what benefits they would like to see added to their benefits package or if they are happy with the current vacation policy. Heard and encouraged employees are engaged employees. Your people are at their best when actively engaged in their work.

Combat employee stress

9 in 10 employees claim that financial stress impacts their job performance. Does your staff have the resources or tools to combat this? Look into free resources like earned wage access (EWA), which is available to employers and helps engage employees on the job! 

Free tools and resources are available and a no-brainer. Spend time checking to see what programs exist after hearing the needs of your employees. 

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-Lindsey Seal VP of Partnerships, Immediate