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Immediate Announces Marketplace Partnership with Delaget

ImmediatePay + Delaget
Birmingham, AL – February 7, 2023 – Immediate, a financial wellness company, today announces a marketplace partnership with Delaget as a Gold Level Marketplace partner. Delaget is a SaaS company that provides data, insight, and analytics to restaurant operators enabling them to run a more operationally efficient business.

The Delaget Marketplace provides restaurant operators with trusted vendors for solving critical operations like reporting, analytics, loss prevention, delivery, and earned wage access (EWA). This API partnership allows Immediate to easily integrate restaurant operators who are ready to recruit and retain their team members with Immediate. 

“Immediate has been able to effectively reduce turnover with our restaurant customers. Delaget’s existing integrations enable more efficient data connections, which are essential to getting new customers up and running faster so they can begin to see the positive impact of EWA for their valuable team members.” – Lindsey Seal, VP of Partnerships at Immediate.

“Immediate is a great earned wage access partner that not only reduces turnover for restaurant operators, but also meaningfully helps restaurant employees meet their financial needs. We are proud to have Immediate join the Delaget Marketplace and look forward to helping their restaurant clients and employees.” – Frederick Brooks, Director of Partnerships

About Delaget

Delaget is an award-winning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider to the QSR market, specializing in consolidating and organizing operational data,  improving visibility and efficiency for more than 20 years. The secure and automated data flow allows for detailed reporting and analytics through Delaget Coach software, loss prevention through Delaget Detect, and delivery reconciliation through Delaget Delivery + Recovery, among other custom reporting solutions. To learn more about Delaget, please visit

About Immediate

Immediate partners with employers to provide their employees with wages that have been earned but not paid, whenever they are needed. With seamless time tracking and payroll integrations, same day and next day bank transfers, and the ability to put earnings directly on a debit card, Immediate is working to improve financial wellness and eliminate cycles of debt for employees by allowing them to access their hard-earned wages.

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