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Immediate: A DailyPay Alternative | A Closer Look at DailyPay vs. Immediate

Six ways on-demand pay encourages financial freedom

You want the partner that best fits your needs. Understanding the differences in how DailyPay and Immediate approach on-demand pay is key. Employers seeking a balance between flexibility and financial stability enjoy Immediate’s controlled access and flexible guardrails. Others find that DailyPay’s unrestricted access works best for them.

Immediate Announces Partnership with TalentReef

Immediate Announces Partnership with TalentReef, Offering On-Demand Pay to the TalentReef Community

ImmediatePay announced today a partnership with TalentReef, the only talent management platform purpose-built for location-based, high-volume hiring. Providing financial wellness benefits such as earned wage access (EWA) is one way to alleviate human resource pain points, help with talent acquisition and retain valuable employees.