Referral Recruiting 
Even in the competitive job market of today, recruiting can be a difficult process. With so many individuals applying to jobs, it is hard for employers to sift through everyone and find the perfect candidate. Incentivizing the trusted employees you are already working with is a low-cost way of getting applicants that will most likely fit your company culture

Flexibility is a hot topic these days, and yet many of us are still not getting the freedom desired. 96% of American workers need flexibility, but only 47% claim they have it. Whether it is unconventional hours or location flexibility, this is a free benefit that almost everyone desires. It’s time for employers across America to take notice before their employees look elsewhere.

Earned Wage Access
Aligned with the desire to have some flexibility at work, employees also desire to get paid when they need it most. If your HR budget is maxed, this is a great way to boost employee morale and offer them something they want at no cost to you. Keeping your employees happy and engaged makes for a more productive workforce.

Employee Surveys (feedback) 
Giving employees a place to provide the company with feedback is crucial to them feeling valued. A sense that you’re heard, and seen as an individual with potential – it really does go miles in building stronger workplace relationships which everybody benefits from! Sending out a survey is no cost and can spark great ideas for future benefits and HR initiatives.

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Written by: James Gannon, Director of Sales