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The Benefit PEO Clients Expect

Lyons HR is a PEO making a big impact in the business world. By partnering with ImmediatePay, Lyons HR has a competitive advantage by offering clients the free benefit that gives their employees access to earned pay when they need it most. Hear from the Lyons HR team on how ImmediatePay has added to their PEO.

With 82% of employees saying they are more engaged at work knowing they have the safety net of ImmediatePay, there has never been a better time than now to offer the free benefit to your clients. Fill out our quick form today and learn more about how ImmediatePay can help your PEO stand apart!


“First of all, there’s no added work. Two, the other biggest part I’ve noticed is it’s crazy the volume that is actually running through and the need that’s out there.”

-Director of Payroll, Lyons HR

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