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Help your employees access their hard earned pay, immediately

Our solution for employers

Employers can help improve the financial wellness and eliminate cycles of debt for workers by allowing access to hard-earned pay every single day. This earned wage access is essential for getting workers out of crippling cycles of payday loans and credit card debt. Immediate verifies hours worked and allows your employees to access their pay early, all with no additional cost to the employer.

Immediate Employer Dashboard

How Immediate works


Work day ends

Worker completes work day and clocks out using normal process



HR software is updated with hours worked, including clock-in and clock-out


App updated

Immediate is notified of hours worked and makes earnings available for transfer


Payment delivery

Immediate sends money via user’s preferred account: bank account or loadable debit card


Split payroll

On the next payday, repayment of accessed earnings are routed using payroll software



Immediate is repaid directly through the payroll process

Immediate benefits


Employee retention

Reduce turnover while building loyalty and higher motivation amongst your employees


Company growth 

Attract top talent who take pride in your company’s growth and success


Cost savings

Reducing turnover can save your company both financial resources and time

Frequently asked questions

What is Immediate?
Immediate is a financial wellness solution delivery on-demand access.
How does Immediate work?
Through HR software integrations, Immediate receives real time updates of hours worked and wages earned, which we display within the Immediate app. Users then select how much of their earnings they would like to receive and transfer to an account of their choice.
How do my employees sign up?
Once you have signed up for Immediate, your employees will receive a registration email and registration code to use when downloading the app.
Does Immediate have APR?
Immediate is not a loan, nor does it offer credit or have a payback period. Due to our HR software integrations, we confirm your hours worked and wages earned and simply charge a small fee to access your wages early (similar to an ATM fee).
What does Immediate cost my business?
Immediate is free for employers and works in coordination with your current HR workflow, so there is no need for any process change.
Will Immediate impact my payroll process?
Immediate will not change your company’s current payroll process; we work in coordination with your current schedule and workflow.
Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
We do not lock our employer partners into long term contracts and can turn off access to our services with proper notice.
Is Immediate secure?
Yes, all personal data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit to process any transaction.
How will my employees be trained to use Immediate?
Immediate provides a series of training materials, including online and print tutorials, to ensure your employees fully understand how to utilize Immediate.

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