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If you've ever wondered how Immediate works for both employers and employees, we're spelling it out for you in today's blog. Give it a read!

As you likely know by following along, earned wage access (EWA) is a financial service that allows employees to access their earned wages before their scheduled payday. But you may have thought to yourself, how does Immediate work? In this blog, we will discuss how we kick things off with implementation for your team and how the ImmediatePay app works for your employees.

Let’s start with implementation! We connect with your time tracking and payroll systems to handle implementation for you. We’re already connected with major systems (more than 70!) for a seamless process. After connecting, our automated process takes over and a dedicated account manager will be assigned to handle any of your needs. With Immediate, you can always expect speedy communication, excellent customer support, and the ability for your team to be hands-off (if desired)! 

So, what’s next? Immediate receives an automated report daily that contains the number of hours worked and the amount earned by employees. The ImmediatePay app is promptly updated, enabling employees to transfer funds to their preferred bank account or debit card with just one click. These funds are processed instantly. Immediate takes care of the payment upfront for all transfers, and a request for automatic deduction is sent back to the payroll system, guaranteeing financial matters are resolved effortlessly on payday.

For employees, the ImmediatePay app is simple to navigate. Once enrolled, the user will log into the app, add their debit card or banking information within the wallet tab, enter the amount they’d like to transfer, and click the “pay me now” button to send their money to their payment method of choice. It is truly that simple! We also understand the importance of flexibility. That’s why we don’t require employees to use the Immediate card or charge extra fees for quicker transactions.

Immediate is the trusted solution for responsible earned wage access, and it’s available at no cost to your business. If you are ready to learn more or join the nationwide community of companies offering EWA, The Right Way (link), book a call today.

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