Responsible Access to Earned Pay:
A solution for unexpected expenses

9 in 10 employees say financial stress impacts their performance at work

Financial stress is robbing your bottom line and compromising the quality of work. Reduce turnover with Immediate by 40% and increase your revenue with access to earned pay.

A safety net for the unexpected expenses

Employees are resorting to high-interest loans, borrowing money, and over drafting bank accounts between paychecks due to unexpected expenses.

Give your workforce a better solution: access to the wages they have earned when they need it most.

3 steps to an engaged workforce

Step 1: Begin onboarding

Sign on the dotted line and join our team for a kick-off call. You will have a dedicated Immediate team member to guide you each step of the way.

Step 2: Get connected

Enjoy a seamless integration process as Immediate is already connected with most major payroll and time tracking systems.

Step 3: Launch Immediate

It’s time to launch the life-changing benefit of Immediate! Our team will equip you with all materials needed for success.

The costly price of financial stress in the workforce

We set out to better understand how financial stress is impacting the American workforce. Download the report to see what we found.