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Kristen Anderson
3 reasons why HR Directors love Immediate | ImmediatePay

Offering an earned wage access solution is a win-win for both employers and employees, but more specifically HR Directors. Read on to find out why!

3 ways Immediate can assist your employees | ImmediatePay
3 ways Immediate can assist your employees | ImmediatePay

The timeline for personal bills does not always match the timing of a traditional payroll cycle. Sound familiar? Check out 3 ways Immediate can help your team financially.

No-Risk Profitability Solutions | Oncentive

Vanessa Tyndall of Oncentive highlights how to retain employees and capture tax credits on today’s guest blog. Give it a read!

Grayson Hill Immediate
Inflation and salaries… ouch | ImmediatePay

As if the pandemic and labor shortage weren’t enough to shake the workforce, inflation has impacted us all. Life can’t wait until payday like it used to.

Reinventing Recruitment & Retention | ImmediatePay

From child care to pet perks, EWA, and beyond – Lindsey Seal shares a few creative ways for you to reinvent recruitment and retention efforts.

Emily Tisdale
Summer spending? Let’s keep it cool! | ImmediatePay

Every summer, we feel the pressure to spend more money. Check out Emily’s tips and tricks to enjoying summer without breaking the bank!

Matt Pierce
EWA is for everyone | ImmediatePay

Check out this week’s blog to hear the four most common objectives to offering EWA – when in reality, EWA is FOR everyone.

Making Hard Jobs Easier
Making Hard Jobs Easier with ABC’s Samantha Loy | ImmediatePay

Join us for a chat with the Owner and Agency Director of ABC Burlington, Chapel Hill, and Durham for all things business – and of course, ImmediatePay.

Low or No-Cost HR Tactics and Benefits | ImmediatePay

In the competitive job market of today, recruiting can be a difficult process. It is hard to recruit the right candidate. Read on to learn some free HR tactics that can help.